hans bouton

July 9, 2008

nrc gebouw 21-11-1981



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  1. Greetings from Australia! Well, these are all very powerful images you’ve posted on this blog. This one caught my eye, because I lived for a time in part the Aorta/Handelsblad squat complex (at # 232 Niewezijds Voorburgwal) in the summer of 1983. It was certainly different then, with the corner building being a kind of punk cafe (with its peeling pink paint) and #232 a share household of 5 women. I originally had the ground floor room (obscured by people in this photo); later I moved to the third floor – the editor’s room, which still bore the name plate above the door – and can be seen in the above photo (the group of three windows with the central intense white-framed one). There was a punk band which regularly played on the pavement outside the cafe as tourists would mill around an watch (I have a few photos too!) I had heard about the squatter riots, but had no idea – until I saw your photos as I was researching for a book I wrote – that things were so intense. These are all very brave and committed people to be challenging the government like this and it’s wonderful that you have captured it so vividly on camera.

    Cheers, Nikki Stern.

    Comment by Nikki Stern — December 6, 2012 @ 3:52 am

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